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Vasuki Global Industries Limited:
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Vasuki Global Industries Limited

About Us

Vertically integrated procurement and logistics service provider

A Journey of Excellence
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We are a vertically integrated procurement and processing agent offering multifaceted and end to end solutions to our customers, who are engaged in various industries. 

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Our Mission

With a mission rooted in innovation and a commitment to societal enrichment, we strive to be the catalyst for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our Vision

At Vasuki Global Industries Limited, our vision transcends the conventional. We envision a future where innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled craftsmanship converge to redefine industries.

  • Future-Forward Solutions
  • Quality is Our Assurance, Every Time.

The business of our Company is mainly divided into two service segments, viz., (i) offering of procurement and processing solutions primarily with respect to various types of imported as well as domestic coal, including but not limited to Indonesian coal, Australian steam coal, Mozambique steam coal, South African coal, U.S. coal and Russian coal, etc; and (ii) logistics services by way of surface transportation. We process various types of coal in our coal processing and segregating unit situated at village Nana Dahisara, Morbi, wherein we screen and segregate coal in various sizes, according to the requirements of our customers. We also offer procurement solutions in respect of other petroleum products such as oil and liquified petroleum gas, refractory materials, raw material and finished products used in cement industry as well as construction industry. We offer procurement and processing solutions either directly to our customers engaged in various industries, including but not limited to metals and minerals, cement, steel and construction, or through our agents. Our customers also include small scale traders. Over the years, we have established longstanding relationships with a diverse set of customers. Our ability to maintain quality standards while diversifying our service offerings to meet evolving industry requirements has resulted in longstanding relationships with our key customers. As of March 31, 2023, 44 customers have been associated with us for longer than six years. As of March 31, 2023 our Company served a total of 766 customers. In order to supplement our procurement and processing segment, we have created our surface transportation segment which includes offering bulk truck load logistic services as well as full truck load logistic services, to our customers who are mainly engaged in the cement, steel and construction industry. Owing to our long term association with the cement, steel and construction industry players, we have gained an insight into the procurement and logistical needs of such customers, thereby enabling us to anticipate the logistic and procurement needs of our customers, engaged in the aforementioned industries. To cater logistical as well as procurement needs of customers, we have crafted end to end supply chain solutions to offer procurement as well as delivery services to some of our customers. Through our integrated procurement and logistical solutions we offer inward and outward services to provide convenience to our customers by ensuring reduction of supply chain intermediaries and creating a single point of contact for their supply and logistic needs at different supply points.
Our Company forms part of the Vasuki Group led by our Promoters, Bankim Kantilal Mehta and Harshma Bankimbhai Mehta. The group started working as a logistics provider in 2004 through a sole proprietorship, under the name ‘Vasuki Enterprise’, which was converted into a partnership firm in 2012, and is engaged in the business of providing logistical services. Our Promoters thereafter created a partnership firm under the name ‘Shree Sai Enterprise’ in 2008 and ventured into procurement and processing services. Shree Sai Enterprise is engaged in the business of procuring coal, cement and its raw materials such as, gypsum, flyash, blackash, slag, etc. In order to structure and formalise the business verticals of Vasuki Enterprise and Shree Sai Enterprise, our Promoters, incorporated our Company in 2016. Our Promoter, Bankim Kantilal Mehta has been associated with our Company since incorporation and heads our procurement segment as well as our marketing division. He was awarded with the title of ‘Successful Entrepreneur’ during the Gujarat Gaurav 2023 organised by Mantavya Foundation. Further, in a special edition of a coffee table book ‘Estrellas’, published by Divya Bhasker, a daily news publication, our Promoter, Chairman and Managing Director, Bankim Kantilal Mehta was featured as one of the top ‘Entrepreneurs of Gujarat 2019’. Additionally, our Promoter was also bestowed with the ‘Global Business Icon Award – 2024’ by the Greater Rajkot Chamber of Commerce & Industries and with the title of ‘Pride of Gujarat – 2024’ by Divya Bhasker, a daily news publication, in recognition of his outstanding business performance. He has played a pivotal role in expanding and diversifying the business operations of our Company. Our Promoter, Harshma Bankimbhai Mehta has been associated with our Company since 2017 and heads the logistics segment of our Company.

We are proud when our clients adore their home.


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