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Vasuki Global Industries Limited:
Estrellas Entrepreneurs of Gujarat
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Empowering Energy Essence Nurturing Growth and Prosperity Cementing Future Structures Timeless Flooring Style
Vasuki Global Industries Limited

Crafting Brilliance: Vasuki's Journey in Coals, Logistics, and Minerals.

  • Innovation at Our Core
  • Your Success, Our Mission

Vasuki Global Industries stands as a dynamic force, pioneering innovation in coal, cement, and tiles. With a relentless commitment to precision and excellence, we redefine industries, shaping a future where Vasuki is synonymous with transformative impact.

Redefining Horizons

Our Core Businesses


Coals Supply






Industrial Oil

Coals Supply

Vasuki Global Industries is a renowned manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of diverse coal products, including Indonesian Coal, US Coal, South African Coal, Coke Dust, Fly Ash, and Petroleum Coke. We lead with reliability, sustainability, and a commitment to powering progress.


Seamless supply chain solutions are our expertise at Vasuki Global Industries. We ensure precision and reliability in moving goods, fostering industrial growth through efficient logistics services.


Vasuki Global Industries excels in the minerals sector, sourcing and supplying high-quality minerals to meet diverse industrial needs. Our commitment to quality and reliability drives progress in multiple industries.

Industrial Oil

Powering industries with trusted industrial oils, Vasuki Global Industries delivers solutions that ensure reliability, performance, and sustainability—every drop counts.

Building with Excellence

Vasuki Cement: Crafting Foundations of Strength and Sustainability

At Vasuki Global Industries, our Cement Business stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in construction materials. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and precision, we redefine the standards of quality in the cement industry.


Our comprehensive range of cement products caters to diverse construction needs, ensuring durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. From ordinary Portland cement to specialized blends, Vasuki Cement is the go-to choice for builders and developers seeking top-notch construction materials.

Our Subsidiaries

Diversified Ventures of Vasuki Group of Companies


Building tomorrow's Foundations with Strength and Precision.

Experience seamless efficiency and precision in every step of your supply chain with Vasuki Global Industries Limited's Logistics division.


Fueling journeys, empowering industries—Vasuki, a trusted petroleum partner.

Vasuki Global Industries Limited is the driving force behind a spectrum of sectors, encapsulating a legacy of innovation, reliability, and sustainable growth.


Exceptional stays, curated experiences—Vasuki's hallmark in hospitality.

Step into the heart of efficiency and reliability with Vasuki Global Industries Limited's Warehouse solutions.

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Bio Coal

Transforming Energy with Cutting-Edge Sustainable Solutions.


Your Partner in Seamless and Efficient International Commerce.

Polypropylene Bags

Packaging solutions crafted to meet the unique needs of every business across diverse industries.

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0Million Tons Output

Powering the Progress

India's Leading Coal Supplier

Vasuki Coal: Energizing Industrial Momentum.

Powering Progress Globally

Vasuki Coal

Vasuki Global Industries leads the coal industry, excelling in manufacturing and supplying Indonesian, US, and South African coal, alongside other products like Coke Dust, Fly Ash, and Petroleum Coke. Our commitment to reliability and sustainability powers progress globally.

Redefining Interior Spaces

Vasuki Ceramics

Vasuki Global Industries redefines spaces with an exquisite range of ceramic tiles, embodying precision, durability, and aesthetic finesse. Our tiles weave stories of timeless sophistication, elevating interior spaces.

Building Tomorrow's Foundations

Vasuki Cement

Vasuki Global Industries is a pioneer in cement manufacturing, delivering enduring structures with strength, sustainability, and innovation. Our commitment to precision and excellence shapes the foundations of tomorrow.


Annual Reports:
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Vasuki's yearly performance, business highlights,
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Operating income FY23
₹911 Crore

Vasuki Global Industries' Commitment to Precision and Progress.

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