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Vasuki Global Industries Limited:
Estrellas Entrepreneurs of Gujarat
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Vasuki Global Industries Limited

Crafting Brilliance: Vasuki's Journey in Coal, Logistics, and Cement.

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Vasuki Global Industries Limited is a vertically integrated procurement and processing agent offering multifaceted and end to end solutions to our customers, who are engaged in various industries

Redefining Horizons

Our Core Businesses


Procurement Services


Logistics Solutions

Procurement Services

Vasuki Global Industries Limited offers procurement of imported as well as domestic coal such as Indonesian coal, Australian steam coal, Mozambique steam coal, South African coal, U.S. coal, Russian coal, cement, fly ash, clinker, Coal, Coke Dust, Fly Ash, and other petroleum products such as oil and liquified petroleum gas and refractory materials

Logistics Solutions

Vasuki Global Industries Limited owns a fleet of trucks and therefore can offer bulk truck loading services as well as full truck load services facilitating customers with the flexibility to transport their goods by making available different capacities of trucks over a broad range of distances.

Our Subsidiary

Vasuki Cement: Crafting Foundations of Strength and Sustainability

Our Company, through our subsidiary, Vasuki Cement Private Limited, intends to establish a greenfield project at Plot No. 1 admeasuring about 4,127.04 square meters and Plot No. 2 admeasuring about 8,901.63 square meters along with undivided share in common plot and road land admeasuring about 4,069.33 square meters total admeasuring about 17,098.00 square meters on the land bearing Revenue Survey No. 133, Village Varshamedi, Taluka Maliya, District Morbi – 363 660, Gujarat, India. We propose to manufacture various grades of cement, including but not limited to ordinary portland cement (“OPC”), portland pozzolana cement (“PPC”) and portland slag cement (“PSC”), in the proposed facility. We propose to start commercial production of the Proposed Facility by the end of third quarter of Fiscal 2025. Upon commencement of commercial production in the Proposed Facility, our Company along with our Subsidiary intends to achieve integration in respect of manufacturing of cement, thereby reducing our dependence on third party suppliers.

Diversified Ventures of Vasuki Group


Building tomorrow's Foundations with Strength and Precision.

Experience seamless efficiency and precision in every step of your supply chain with Vasuki Global Industries Limited's Logistics division.


Fueling journeys, empowering industries—Vasuki, a trusted petroleum partner.

Vasuki Global Industries Limited is the driving force behind a spectrum of sectors, encapsulating a legacy of innovation, reliability, and sustainable growth.


Exceptional stays, curated experiences—Vasuki's hallmark in hospitality.

Step into the heart of efficiency and reliability with Vasuki Global Industries Limited's Warehouse solutions.

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Bio Coal

Transforming Energy with Cutting-Edge Sustainable Solutions.


Your Partner in Seamless and Efficient International Commerce.

Polypropylene Bags

Packaging solutions crafted to meet the unique needs of every business across diverse industries.

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0Metric Tons Procurement

Powering the Progress

Supplier of wide range of coal

Energizing Industrial Momentum.

Powering Progress Globally


Vasuki Global Industries Limited leads the coal industry, excelling in manufacturing and supplying Indonesian, US, and South African coal, alongside other products like Coke Dust, Fly Ash, and Petroleum Coke. Our commitment to reliability and sustainability powers progress globally.

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions


In order to supplement our procurement and processing segment, we have created our surface transportation segment which includes offering bulk truck load logistic services as well as full truck load logistic services, to our customers who are mainly engaged in the cement, steel and construction industry. Owing to our long term association with the cement, steel and construction industry players, we have gained an insight into the procurement and logistical needs of such customers, thereby enabling us to anticipate the logistic and procurement needs of our customers, engaged in the aforementioned industries. To cater logistical as well as procurement needs of customers, we have crafted end to end supply chain solutions to offer procurement as well as delivery services to some of our customers. Through our integrated procurement and logistical solutions we offer inward and outward services to provide convenience to our customers by ensuring reduction of supply chain intermediaries and creating a single point of contact for their supply and logistic needs at different supply points.



Vasuki Global Industries Limited supplies varied types of cement as well as raw materials thereof like Clinker, Gypsum, Fly Ash, Slag as well as packing bags. Being an integrated supplier of all the allied products and services of cement manufacturing for the subsidiary will become convenient.


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Vasuki's yearly performance, business highlights,
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Operating income FY23
₹911 Crore

Vasuki Global Industries Limited's Commitment to Precision and Progress.

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